A Belizean birthday party on Goff's Caye

Caracol and the Mountain Pine Ridge in Belize: Bandits, mud, the Mayan capital and water falls

Speedboat cruise through the jungle to the Maya site Lamanai

Orange Walk, La Milpa and Chan Chich: Spiders, Snakes and Crocs

Garifuna Settlement Day 2011 in Hopkins, Belize

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Kerstin in da news

7. May 2012 at 22:34



Kerstin in San Pedro Sun newspaperKerstin in San Pedro Sun newspaper

Community meetings are a main part of the Disaster Risk Reduction Project Kerstin is currently working in. For the latest community meeting in San Pedro the media was present as well. Yes, it is quite weird when there is a video camera put in your face for TV and you have to answer all kinds […]

72 hour offer: All you need to know to travel and be free

30. April 2012 at 19:57



I have never advertised anything on this blog before. But I just bought this package (I wouldn’t invest the 1000 dollars it usually costs … ) of books and courses and love it. So I thought I’d share – I am sure some of you out there are looking for exactly this combination of blogging, […]

AC/DC und ein Klavierkonzert

25. April 2012 at 00:51



Ich bin keine sonderlich musikalische Person. Ich habs probiert. Wirklich. Von Glockenspiel (ja, ich bin das Kind dem in der zweiten Stunde der Schlaeger abgebrochen ist und nie ersetzt wurde…) ueber Floete (im zweiten Jahr habe ich angefangen das Mundstueck zu zerbeissen um mich um die Stunden zu druecken…), Klavier/Keyboard (ich war so gut, dass […]

AC/DC vs. Piano in the City

25. April 2012 at 00:22



I’m not a very musical person. It’s not that I haven’t tried. From lessons playing the glockenspiel (yes, I’m the kid whose drumstick broke in week 2 and never got replaced…) to the flute (in year 2 I started biting on the mouthpiece, hoping it would break and I could sneak out of classes…), piano/keyboard […]

Erste Disaster Projekt Umfragerunde

8. April 2012 at 00:52



Happy after a long day

Um herauszufinden wie gut ein Projekt fuer eine Gemeinde war, muss man zunaechst einmal die Basis kennen. Fuer unser “Saving Lives in the Caribbean Through Prepardness” Disaster Risk Reduction Projekt waren wir in den letzten Wochen in 8 Gemeinden unterwegs und haben die sogenannte “Baseline” Umfrage gemacht. Dabei werden 100 Haushalte aus allen Teilen der Gemeinde mit 32 […]

Surveys, surveys, surveys

8. April 2012 at 00:42



Happy after a long dayHappy after a long day

In order to measure the impact of a project you have to know what the basis is. For our “Saving Lives in the Caribbean Through Prepardness” Disaster Risk Reduction project we worked on exactly that in the past weeks. In all the 14 communitites we did the so called “baseline” survey to measure how well […]

7th Annual Outstanding Women’s Award in Belize City

30. March 2012 at 20:22



On March 29th, the Women’s Department held its 7th Annual Outstanding Women’s Award in Belize City. All I can say is… WOW. You learned earlier already that I am fan of the Women’s Department and their amazing work. Not only for their 10 BZD (5 USD) manicure and pedicure events (which actually take place this […]

Belize Red Cross move – aus neu mach alt

29. February 2012 at 18:03



New building / neues Gebaeude

    Das Belize Red Cross ist eine Bewegung. Und Bewegungen bewegen sich auch ab und an. In unserem Fall von Container zu Haus. Genauer gesagt von ‘neuem’ Buero (von den Sisters of Mercy at St. Catherines Girl School gemietet; direkt am Ozean)  zum ‘alten’ Buero (ausgebrannt und wieder aufgebaut nach einem Brandanschlag im Dezember 2010; immernoch […]