A Belizean birthday party on Goff's Caye

Caracol and the Mountain Pine Ridge in Belize: Bandits, mud, the Mayan capital and water falls

Speedboat cruise through the jungle to the Maya site Lamanai

Orange Walk, La Milpa and Chan Chich: Spiders, Snakes and Crocs

Garifuna Settlement Day 2011 in Hopkins, Belize

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Update: Fundraiser fuer Marcelo

26. December 2011 at 00:23



Marcelo Operation Scar

Im September, haben wir aufgerufen uns zu unterstuetzen dem 13jaehrigen Marcelo Choco zu helfen. Bei Marcelo wurde ein Hirntumor festgestellt; der Tumor wurde entfernt aber ihm und seines Eltern  konnte niemand sagen, ob der Krebs komplett entfernt und zerstoert wurde. Wir sammelten Spenden fuer die notwendigen Kernspin-Tomografie. Wir freuen uns Euch berichten zu koennen, dass wir […]

Garifuna Settlement 2011 in Hopkins, Belize

15. December 2011 at 22:11



Twice they are turned down and twice they have to return to the sea.

Garifuna Settlement Day Was ist das? Garifuna Settlement Day ist ein Feiertag in Belize, bei dem die Ankunft der Garifuna Menschen in Belize gefeiert wird. Wann ist es? Jedes Jahr am 19. November.. Was passiert? In der Nacht zum 19. November gibt es Feierlichkeiten, inbesondere im Sueden des Landes, die die ganze Nacht bis zum […]

Garifuna Settlement Day 2011 in Hopkins, Belize

15. December 2011 at 20:39



Twice they are turned down and twice they have to return to the sea.Twice they are turned down and twice they have to return to the sea.

Garifuna Settlement Day What is it? Garifuna Settlement Day is a public holiday in Belize to celebrate the landing of the Garinagu people in Belize. It’s a public holiday and a BIG party. When is it? November 19th is the day. Every year. What’s happening? The night before Nov. 19th, there are big parties that […]

How to mail a package from Belize

13. December 2011 at 00:26



Belize mailing kitBelize mailing kit

I am an experienced ebay-seller (ok…. AND buyer). I sold clothes and horseback riding equipment, I sold parts of our now-ex-household, I even sold some equipment from our hamsters. So I claim to be experienced in the process of transferring stuff from A to B without having to walk to the other persons door. Yes, it […]

Mayan Temples of Belize: Cahal Pech, the Place of Ticks

11. December 2011 at 01:09



Infobox Cahal Pech is one of the larger Mayan ruins in Belize. How to get there: Cahal Pech is a short walk from the centre of St. Ignacio in the Cayo district. Take a bus to San Ignacio and ask for directions there. What to expect: Cahal Pech is a well excavated site that used […]

Gender Based Violence Conference 2011, Belize City

8. December 2011 at 00:46



On Monday Nov 28th and Tuesday Nov 29th, the Women’s Department of Belize was hosting a Gender Based Violence (GBV) Conference at the Bliss Center of Performing Arts. A full theatre for people from all kind of organizations, all interested in learning more about the facts and status about Gender Based Violence in Belize. The program […]

Gender Based Violence Konferenz 2011, Belize City

8. December 2011 at 00:01



Das Women’s Department von Belize hielt am 28./29. 11. die erste Gender Based Violence (GBV) Konferenz im Bliss Center of Performing Arts. Ein komplettes Theater voller Leuter von verschiedensten sozialen Organisationen, alle daran interessiert mehr ueber Fakten und den aktuellen Status zum Thema Gender Based Violence (‘geschlechter basierte Gewalt’ klingt irgendwie komisch.. ich nenne es mal weiter GenderBasedViolence oder kurz ‘GBV’) in […]

6 favourite places to eat (and drink…) out in Belize City

6. December 2011 at 00:05



Stonegrill at the RadissonStonegrill at the Radisson

Today we like to present you our favourite place to eat (and drink) out in Belize City. Most of them are the places we go for lunch or afterwork, so they are all somewhat in the same area (around our offices and convenient if you are a cruiseship-tourist). The order of appearance here is not a ranking. […]